Bali, what's in my wash bag.

Hello there, Bali has been good for me. Such an amazing retreat
that I had to share every little bits of it. Knowing that I'm flying
to Bali, I had to pack light due to my other camera equipments.
Therefore, I had to be very selective with my daily care products.
The first thing I had to pack was my body/face balms by Bisou
Bonbon. They are amazing for my sore body and it helps me
to rest better at night.

Knowing that I will be under the sun most of the time, I couldn't
bother about bringing make up. I knew it would melt and give
my skin a bad breakouts. However, I still need some colour
and love from Dior Addict lip glow colour reviver balm. Not
to forget my Gorilla perfume by Lush. I would usually use it
onto my wrist and neck. It somehow makes me feel relax.

I couldn't fly without perfume. Therefore I had chosen Pure
White Linen light breeze by Estee Lauder. It goes perfectly
with the beach. For my hair, I'm using Extra virgin olive
essence by Skin Food. By now, you would have realise how
crazy I am over balms. Coconut lip balm is a must, tiger hand
made balm not so much.

I've been loving oilment recently, to avoid my skin from getting
dry I'm using Bio Hautol by Kneipp. As for my face at night ,
Origins drink up intensive overnight mask should do it.

This are my favourites, I can't travel anywhere without it.
Blah blah blah, you know SK-II facial treatment clear lotion.
It's wonderful, it does miracle on your face. For any sudden
breakouts, I would apply Thursday plantation, blemishes would
disappear the next day. Although, it may stink a little on your
face but it helps a long way!

There you go, my Bali's must pack essentials. 
PS: I forgot to bring sunblock and therefore, I got burned so badly.

Till then, stay gold!