A week in Bali.

After being able to put my feet up, my body and mind heal
from all the exhaustion. To think about it, I've been so ambitious 
to achieve my goals, to succeed in life. I'm glad that I didn't give up 
when the option was given to me, when I was beaten down by tiredness.
One year and one month, I push myself, extend my limit for my dreams
to come true. Today, I'm one of the luckiest person. I'm simply happy and
grateful. There is no words, no way of explaining how amazing my life
journey. When my photographer offered to fly me to Bali, it seem so vague.
I couldn't believe him, I dare not to imagine until I landed in Bali island.
In my head, I need to be constantly working, I can't stop and I won't.  
Bali was a reward, a gift I can't thank him and his wife enough. They 
wanted me to enjoy my vacation, to let go of reality, to forget work for
awhile and I needed that. The funny thing is that I've been to Bali about
7 years ago but this time it felt different. Everything seems so different.
I've learn to appreciate the beauty, to enjoy the adventure and to be free.
Although they had to force me to let my hair down, it's worth it. I guess
if you keep your options open, there are places you will go. You'd see it
all, with your head up standing tall and you'd look back and think it's
funny how you spent your time and money. It might be hell, it might be
heaven, might be nothing, maybe something else, who knows?

My mother and my photographer taught me one thing for sure, 
if I want something, anything at all. I will have to work for it. 


Till then, stay gold.