Q & A.

Well hello there, as you all know I'm not as active I used to be on
Tumblr. However, I do read my readers questions. I apologise for
not able to answer. I'll be honest with you, some of the questions
are very personal & annoying but I'll do my best to clear your 
curiosity. Before I start answering all the questions, I would like
to say thank you to those who still follow up with my social media
sites. I'm so grateful & I can't describe how amazed I am.

1. What is your occupation/what do you do for living?
- At the moment, I'm a full time assistant photographer. I feel the
need to learn & to understand the concept of being a professional
photographer. I want to gain more experience before I could actually
be a professional photographer. On the other hand, I'm a part time
freelance fashion photographer. Well, I believe that there's no point
learning if you don't go out & make it happen.

2. How hard is photography industry?
- I get this questions a lot from my readers, friends & family.
People assume this industry is all glamorous & glitters but it
is not. It is true that you get to be on set with celebrities, amazing
people who creates art everyday & you get to watch the magic happen.
What you didn't know is that our working hours are insane, we spent more
than 12 hours on set at work. We don't get enough rest, we are always
rushing to freeze the moment. As an assistant, I deal with heavy weight
equipments or setup everyday. It's always a sweat day, I could say it's
a workout. I don't get much time to spend with my family & friends.
I've lost friends, I've lost the people I care about for this career.
The good thing about this industry is that it teaches you to stay strong,
you gain everyday knowledge, you'll meet new people, you'll make
a hell out of memories & experiences. 

3. How's your income/how do you earn?
- I'm not a top notch blogger or photographer but I do earn from it.
Being an assistant, the pay isn't that much. I wouldn't want to be 
an assistant in 6 years down the row, I have dreams & I want to be
better. I'm afraid of not being able to expend myself, to push myself.
I would say that my income could pay off my car, keep me away from
starving & support my lifestyle. As we all know, I like expensive
shits & therefore, I have to earn. 

4. How do you keep your dreams alive?
- There are times I would cry my eyes out while driving. Remembering 
that I gave up on photography for about two years. I never thought that 
I would get back in this industry & when I got back into photography,
the struggle to climb almost kill my lights. There are so many people
who wants to be a photographer, to be recognise isn't a piece of cake.
Always hungry for chances, the amount of stress & heartache.
The competition is a harsh reality but I couldn't let that stop me.
A well known photographer once told me that if I don't go out & give 
my best shot how will I know. It will always be 'what if'. He told me
that I have what it takes, a calm sea never make a good sailer. I've 
met so many people on earth to prove wrong & there are people
who have always supported me to be proud of me. My dreams
are a part of me, you take away my dreams & I'm dead.

5. Will you continue your studies?
- I would love to return to England, to pick up what I couldn't finish
back then. If I was given the opportunity to continue my studies,
I wouldn't say no but for now, my family situation wouldn't allow
me. I have responsibility to take care of & I'm okay with it.

6. Where do you see yourself in five years?
- I don't know, we could plan so much & it wouldn't turn out as planned.
I know that cause I'm a planner & honestly life is so completely
different than what I have in mind or set back then. Although
there's up & down, I wouldn't stray too far from art. 

That's it for now,
Till then, stay gold!