Well hello there, fall is around the corner & I've not update my where 
about. Let's talk about moving forward. It irritates me how much I
don't update my blog anymore, I'm slowly slipping away from my
readers. Turning twenty two this year creeps the hell out of me, I'm
getting older by day & this is the age where you either find yourself or
lose yourself in the process of growing. Believe me that I'm trying to 
be a better person every single day, most of the time focusing on my
career. I could say that I'm the worst friend to have right now, the 
amount of events I've missed & there are times I couldn't be there 
for the people I care about. The thing is that my career takes out
most of my time, I spend more than 12 hours at work, doing something
I'm very passionate about. I could say that my lifestyle has change,
when you do something you love, is it no longer a job. I've become
committed but to balance with my personal life, it got tougher. My
priority is different now, is it funny how this year is so much different
compared to last year. People assume that my lifestyle is fabulous,
glamorous but it is not. There are days I want to fall on my face
& stay on the floor. Feeling so low, that I didn't achieve as much 
as I could at my age. To get chances to prove that I'm
more than what they see, I'm worth more than what they offer.
I'm the type of person who thinks that good is never enough, why do 
I have to settle for the less when I know, I deserve better & I can do better.
Someone told me the reason I don't feel I'm good enough is because
I don't realise I'm more successful than I think I am. Self love is very
important, it is not about pleasing them, it is to live your life &
how you want your life to be. This is my journey, I'm eager to thrive
for a better future. 

Bag pack: Topman exclusive | Outer layer: Wild Creature | Chair: Thrifted
Pouch: 3CE | Terrarium glass: Typo shop.

Till then, stay gold!