The least expected.

I've held this back for a while now because I didn't want to be told that I was 
over exaggerating, complaining or have no reason to be upset. 
I've always supported people no matter weight, race,
religion or gender. However, I couldn't stand the way men underestimate 
women. It's true, women can be sensitive and some of us are not strong. 
It disgusted me when men go around saying women can't do anything 
against a man. Being a female, I'm always being compared to men
and if I'm being rough or tough to get things done, they called me 
bossy or a bitch. As a young adult turning twenty two, I struggle a lot with 
sexism. There are days, I wish I was born with a penis. Nobody deserves to be 
discriminated against for their gender. I understand that I'm young,
I've so much to learn but, I've always respect those who are older and wiser. 
I try to learn from their experience but being disrespected because of my gender and 
age is absurd. I got very upset and I did not speak for my right. I didn't even try to 
contribute suggestions or ideas because to them, I'm young and naive as if my 
feelings doesn't matter or I don't understand. There are always people who 
would go against me, I could not waste any of my time arguing with such mentality. 
At this moment, I've been given an opportunity to proof to myself and everyone 
who had made my life difficult wrong. I'd rather be underestimated than 
overestimated because if you're underestimated, you never disappoint but it 
you're overestimated, you always disappoint. On the other hand, all the hard time 
I've been through taught me one of the greatest satisfactions in my life is when 
people underestimate me.

Till then, stay gold! #fucksexism #fuckyourmentality #fuckyourdirtypolitics.