Which black clothes am I going to wear today?

Minimalist: a person who advocates or practices minimalism in art or music.

Coat: Wild Creature | Shoes: Wild Creature | Bag pack: Wild creature
Make up pouch: Factori | Nail polish: American Apparrel.

From me.
Sometimes I begin to compare myself to other people and feel bad cause
of how different we are as in where we want to be in life, but then I remind
myself that I was not given the same opportunities growing up and I've 
faces disadvantages they never had to go through.

It's a constant struggle because not everyone has the same path and are at the
same starting line. Some have additional burdens to carry and hurdles to
overcome. But that's okay because when I finally accomplish my goals,
it's a huge middle finger and "fuck you" to those situations and people who
deliberately made life difficult for me.