The perks of being me.

First of all, there is no such things as enough sleep for me anymore.
I'm either at work trying to prove myself wrong or wandering
around balancing social life & my alone time. I've realised that
I will need to travel 78km everyday to get & come back from
work. Disheartened by working culture & politics. I'm convincing
myself that it will be over soon. 

Recently, I'm into long & oversized coats. I never noticed how 
good they look with sneakers. When I found out that Monki is
collaborating with Lynnie Zulu, it took me less than 24 hours to
get my hands on Nickie tee. So much love for the Summer
collaboration. It's true, most of my clothes in the wardrobe are black
in colour. Unless the clothes that I like doesn't come in black, then
I would have to pick grey or white. Same goes to shoes.

Nickie tee: Monki | Bracelet: Rastaclat | Sneakers: Nike fitsole
Bagpack: Wild creature | Long Coat: Monki.

Till then, stay gold!