Benefits of drinking lemon water!

Hello there, I never liked Sundays but recently I get excited for Saturdays,
only because my friends & myself would have Pilates session together. 
Believe me that I'm trying to boost for energy & stamina. I've been reading
articles about health & I've consult a health consulter because the way we
love ourselves sets the example for how everyone else will love you. Right
now, I need to learn to appreciate & love myself. Nutrient my body right 
& get healthy. Let me share some life hacks with you!

Benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning.

1. Gives you an alkaline start to your day by balancing your PH levels.

2. Aids in digestion by flushing out unwanted toxins in the body.

3. Boost immune system with its high level of vitamin C, potassium
& saponins. 

4. Skin healing! It combats free radical while the the vitamin C  & antioxidants
fight wrinkles & blemishes.

5. Mood energiser! Lemon contains negative charged ions which gives your
body energy when entering digestive tract. Plus the smell is uplifting.

6. Aids in weight loss with its high levels of pectin fiber which fight off 
hunger cravings.

7. Promotes heal thing with its multiple anti-inflammatory properties. 

Till then, stay gold!