Really in the mood for receiving $50,000,000.

Grow with me.

1. Sleep earlier, rise earlier. Get off your phone, set a time & create a habit.

2. Read more & not just shitty magazines. Read classics, newspaper, fictional
books & so on. Just read!

3. Stay away from people who do not deserve you, you are worth a lot more.
Fuck their shitty opinions.

4. Eat well & I don't mean diet. I mean, eat healthy, indulge every once in a while,
don't go overboard. Eat for your health & not for society.

5. Create a plan that will be enjoyable for exercise & just do it. No fucking around
this year.

6. Pamper yourself, give yourself one hour. One hour a week to unwind. To wash 
your hair, leave in your conditioner, soak your skin, have a face mask, light some
candles, drink some tea, put on nice smelling lotion and comfy pyjamas, put on
some nice music & sleep well.

7. Put in an effort, doing your hair nicely. Putting on that clean change of clothes &
a simple coat of mascara has a lot of power to make you feel a hell of a lot better.

8. Learn new vocabulary because why the fuck not? write down your new words that
you learn while reading, use them in conversations; expand your vocabulary.

9. Plan an outing once a week, have something to look forward to. Be excited to
experience new things.

10. Set small goals. 3 small things to do everyday & don't sleep till you have them done.
3x365 knowledgeable achievements will be worth it.

11. Meet new people, don't be so quick to judge.

12. Love yourself, I'm still trying to figure this one out. 
I'm beginning to feel like I am worth it.

13. Art, practice make perfects. Work & when you can't work, learn. Discover artists
& their pieces. Their inspirations, their style, go on & document it. There is always 
something to do to improve, whether it be through practice or research.

14. "Stick to these goals, for a better year & a better you!" - me to myself.

Till then, stay gold.