Quick bites.

We have to admit that eating clean for a healthy diet is tough.
I've always ended up with "fuck it!" attitude & obviously fail eating
clean. Besides that, I find that it is hard to cut my cravings. I often 
annoyed my friends by wanting to eat everything & not finishing. 
Ever since I start committing to Pilates, I decided to cut rice & noodles.
I'm very aware with my food proportion & I want to keep it up.
In within 14 days, I've lost 3-4 inches around my stomach. I get how
hard it is not to eat pizza, rice, cupcakes & the craving list goes on but 
here's my trick. I eat crackers once in a week, notice there's bacon 
& pretzel? Yeap, guilty! When everything is tiny, it looks many & 
therefore I've tricked myself to thinking that there's a lot of food
to fill my hunger. I can't follow those strict eat clean program, I would
go insane. On my crackers, I try to keep it healthy except for Nutella,
a slice of bacon & one tiny pretzel. I know, bacon is not healthy but
that's how I end my cravings with bite size crackers. Try to prepare it
yourself, it's so much fun & by the time it's ready to be eaten, you are
not that hungry as you thought. I don't know about you but I can't finish
what I cook, same goes to my mom. This is why I seldom cook at home.

Till then, stay gold!