My decision to focus on the good, rather than studying evil.

I do not love every aspect of the world.

I do not love how iniquitous people turn innocence into something so vile & I do not love how villainous people eradicate something that once was indestructible. 
I do not love how death is so popular & I do not love how elementary it is for criminals to escape their punishment.
I do not love how everything is discriminated against, even to the smallest number of years I’ve lived. I do not love how people are killed because of the shade of their skin, the body parts they have, the belief they hold onto & the age they are for no matter how we look or what we possess people can’t see that we are all still people.
I do not love how God is mocked and spit at on the daily yet have the same imitators worship abusers that put on a football jersey to mask their peccability.
I do not love how cat calling starts with the youth of the world because it is known that intimidating us is facile. I don’t love how some men are locked in the belief that cat calling is what emphasizes a woman’s strut. I don’t love how I’m maturing in a world where rape is turning into some ridiculous fashion.
I do not love waking up early in the morning and by law am required to do so. I do not love going to a place where everything I do is graded. My teachers grade me on how well I listen & take notes in class, my peers grade me by the way I dress, time grades me on how well I can use it, and stress grades me on how well I can handle it.
I do not love not having a lot of money. I don’t love not being able to eat there or shop here because the prices are beyond the likeliness of cheap. I don’t love talking to my friends about big sales and shopping trips and always being the one without any cash in my grip. I don’t love feeling alone.
I do not love how the world taught me to treat others, how physical beauty means that they automatically reign over those who lack physical grace. I do not love watching everyone bow on one knee to anyone with physical charm and not even bother to find their throne inside of them. I do not love how looks can get you famous. I do not love how fabulous talent is going unrecognized.
So, I do not love everything about this world because evil is surely taking over. But, no matter the amount of sin that exists there still roams plenty of pure & even though it’s hard to find, it absolutely still lives.
So, I love how My God is available at any time & no matter what I feel, no matter what I stress, I have someone to run to in a cry to rid pain immediately. I love how I am never alone thanks to him. I love how I can breathe again because of him.
I love how I love myself & I find pure euphoria in making a fool out of me. I love how I emphasize my goofiness when no other presence surrounds just to inspirit myself & I love how my singing voice cracks ridiculously when I go for Beyonce’s note. I love my heart that is filled with compassion and I love my mind that is filled with silly knowledge. I love the light that’s hidden within me & celebrating its glow that shines when I awake.
I love euphoric, happy go-lucky strangers of the city who smile at you as they pass you on the sidewalk, who anonymously let you know that not all earth is hell & we still have humans who are free of evil. 
I love how the world refuses to cease its twirl for the sake of all of us - its spin reminding us of how much time we have to make everything right, how much time we have to forgive & let go, how much time we have to truly live our lives, and how much time we have to restart all over again & make the next season in our lives a blessing.
I love how creative the world can be. With illegal graffiti spray painted on tedious walls & the choice of clothing we are free to style ourselves in, the world is one big Picasso. I love our creativity when we want to make someone smile & I love how each & every one of us are passionate about something glorious. I love how creativity has no definition & the world rushes to define it. 
I love how the youth is creating their own little generation. The “selfies” are ours, the style is ours, the music is ours, the influence is ours! Everything we do is ours! Just as our parents relish on the moments of where puffy hair was in & indie music was praised, now we have something to look back on. I love that, I love the idea. 
I love how the world is finally absorbing the fact that we need to take action. As a globe, watching it fall apart, I love seeing a lot of us taking charge. Whites standing up for blacks, men supporting feminism, the old guarding the young & the development of reaching out to other countries is becoming successful. I love watching us be a people & I love being a people. 
I’d rather emphasize on the things that are good because the world would simply be better if we talked about things we adored. Evil exists, bad things exist, sin exists & sinful people exist, too. But I’m too busy being focused on the good things in the world because if I’m going to live, I want to live with good.