I'm the almost empty shampoo bottle in the shower of life.

Well hello there, I still couldn't get over the fact that it's already
November. We are getting older by days & I'm not feeling excited
about turning 21 years old in December. However, there are changes 
in my life. The thing about changes is that there's pros & cons, I'm
looking at the pros rather than cons. I've been happy recently, 
I've been adventurous & loved by those who standby me. I respect
myself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves me,
grows me or make me happy. To do what's right but isn't fair & what's
fair isn't right was difficult. In the madness of the hurricane, the centre 
is completely still. 

10 updates.

1) I lost my grandfather in October. 

2) Had an amazing road trip with my girlfriend to Johor 
& Singapore last month.

3) Develop love for french bulldog.

4) Crystal fighters favourited one of my tweet.

5) Having 'Habits' (stay high) by Tove Lo on the repeat.

6) My halloween costume was tragic car accident face & minnie mouse.

7) Got bitten by leeches during jungle tracking.

8) Board games every Saturday night with love ones.

9) Celebrated one of my girlfriend birthday with vain selfies.

10) Tomorrow is my mother's birthday.

Cardigan: H&M | Bag: Chanel | Clutch: Zara | Towel: Typoshop
Accessories: Lovisa | Laptop Stickers: Singapore underground scape.

Till then, stay gold!