20 facts about me.

Hello there, notice 20 facts about me has been a trend lately? 
I didn't want to do it because I've done 50 facts about me but 
since I was tagged my many, I decided to go ahead & post it.

1) Mad about Skyline.

2) I get excited whenever I see Nisaan GTR. R34 or R35,
I'll scream my heart out. It's embarrassing!

3) I hardly sleep.

4) I can drink 10 tequila shots without dropping.

5) I shower 4-6 times a day.

6) I hate going to the cinema.

7) I worship Sailormoon & Tuxedo mask.

8) I have three cats & two dogs.

9) Obsessed with my cats.

10) I've listend to Not in that way by Sam Smith 560 times on my iTunes.

11) I like sandwich, it is simple as that.

12) Long neck turns me on.

13) This 20 facts about me is making me sleepy.

14) I don't have snap chat!

15) I want the one I can't have.

16) I wish heaven had a visiting hour.

17) I miss Derek most of the time.

18) Bloody sarcastic/annoying.

19) I would usually say my weakness is no weakness, it's
a Sagittarius thing.

20) Bonus? click here!

Thanks to Isabelle, Tebby, Yulyx, Feeqah & the others who tagged me.
Now, I'm going to tag Julian Ting (my sister's boyfriend), Daphne Charice,
Al Jeffrey, Edrian Ong & Josephine Yap.

Till then stay gold!.