Hello there, remember my previous blog post about Ash & Lion? 
Lion got pregnant & I want you to meet Kitty. 5 months old kitten 
which will soon be my mother's companion. Isn't she adorable?

At the moment, I'm trying to escape from my unhealthy lifestyle.
I'm trying to blog more often, I started reading again. I'm hooked
with 'If you stay' beautifully written by Gayle Forman. I was on
Tumblr & a friend from Tumblr recommended such a heart warming
book. I guess it is my way of healing, an escape from tensions.

If I stay: A young adult novel published in 2009. Follows by 17 years
old Mia as she deals with the aftermath of a catastrophic car accident 
involving her family. In a coma, Mia has an out of boy experience 
where she watches as friends & family gather in the hospital where is
being treated. She watches as her memories flash before her eyes as 
she comes to realize that she must decide if she is to wake up & lead
a life far more difficult than she ever anticipated or to slip away & die.

If I stay film will be release on August 22, 2014 (USA)

Click here & here to see more Kitty in actions.

#nowplaying: Salvation & Say something.

Till then, stay gold!