Practical advice for difficult women.


It is always awkward when someone asks me for relationship advices.
Obviously I'm shit at relationship & I'm not afraid to admit it. There's
so many difficult women out there & I'm one of them. 

1) There will come a time when you want to cut off all your hair, do it.
Realise that the thing you want to get rid of doesn't lie in the long curls
that frames your face so perfectly. Live with short hair for a while. It will
still grow, just like life. It goes on.

2) You won't always want to talk to people. That's okay, when it's late &
you hear your friends or see your friends talking online, you don't have to
join them. You're allowed to isolate yourself, sometimes it's just sweeter &
it teaches you how to survive alone. You will need that skill.

3) At times, you will believe that nothing will ever grow again. You're
wrong. Every year, London looks like it's on its last legs, wheezing through
those cold days in March. Every year, spring comes like an explosion & the 
city shakes off its sleep.

4) Mundane problems will get the better of you sometimes, don't worry. Try
as you might, life can't be an endless, beautiful, intense moment. Find comfort 
in money worries & late trains; they're welcome rest in between heartbreaks &

5) People will call you a cynic, a wry smile on their faces. Pay them no mind.
You alone know that you are capable of a love greater than anything they can
comprehend. You alone know that you are not willing to sell your identity &
respect to the first smirking halfwit to pass by. It is not cynicism, it is reverence
for your own vast & fathomless heart. It makes sense only to love someone
who understands that & is awed by it.

6) You will not always get what you want or who you want, accept it. Your goals
are not set in stone & you are not on a fixed trajectory. Sometimes, life will take
its time & you will have to play the long, interminable game. Play it well & with
as much grace you can muster. Love at your own pace.

7) At night, you will occasionally wake up afraid, wanting to die. Having a great
fear of being alone & having a desperate need for solitude. That's always been a
tug of war for me. Don't give in, night plays its tricks, but you are not so easily
fooled. Your mind will play its tricks, it will make you believe that you're not who
you are, you are not good enough to be loved & you must not give in. You take
a breath & you tell yourself that you are here, that you always were.

8) Don't rush into a relationships, it will never end well. Unless, you are the 
exception. If a guy wants you, he will make it happen. Love isn't a game, you
are not an option. If your crush doesn't love for you for who you are, they are at
lost. Remember that you are difficult because you are fragile, you've seen enough
romance goes down the hill & die under the deep sea. You care & that's beautiful.

9) If you are in a relationship, stop worrying about your men. If your men
loves you, he will make everything happen for you. You are the only one.
Most people worry about being not enough, ended up not being enough because
their start to believe that the other half is good not enough & the relationship is
good not enough. 

10) Lower down your expectations when it comes to all men. They are suppose
to surprise you with their effort. When you expect too much, you are only going 
to be disappointed. This will trigger all arguments, men doesn't like argument
 especially when it happens all the time. Remember that men are bad at sugar 
coating words, they are bad at saying sorry or saying what's on their mind.
That makes them a man, that is what makes them a male. That doesn't mean
they don't care or love you. Stop doubting them trust your relationship.

11) Stop comparing yourself, you are unique & beautiful in your own way.
You shouldn't be compared with others; you makes you, you. If someone can love
you through your skin, that is love. Cherish that!

Till then, stay gold!