How to talk to cats.

Teaching your cat simple commands like "Down!" & "NO!" will make
him or her a better pet, while words like "Treats!" & "Dinner!" will help
them associate you with something pleasurable. Cats rarely vocalize with
other cats. They reserve verbal interaction with humans. Feline language 
is a complex mix of facial expression, tail position, ear position & other
forms of body language in addition to scent & sound. Cat learn to make
demands of us by observing which of their sounds cause which human
responses. As for me, I speak to my cats everyday. To prove the theory
above, I did my own little research with my friend's cat. Meet Lion
 (pictures above) my friend wants to marry her female cat with my male cat.
It took her about 2-3 days to adapt the change of environment. To make
her feels like home, I would have to understand her needs.

Understanding your cat.
Some cats are vocal & have extensive vocabularies. Other cats scarily
speak at all or have a one size fits all meow that covers all the bases.

Vocalizations which are fairly common to most cats.

1) Short meow: "Hey, how are you doing"

2) Multiple meows: " I'm so happy to see you, where've you been?"

3) Mid pitch meow: A plea for something, usually dinner or treats.

4) Drawn out meow: "I'm upset, I'm hungry you idiot!"

5) Low pitched meow: "You're so lame, your service sucks" (complaints)

6) High pitch meow: " I'm freaking angry you stupid human"

7) Purr: "I like you, I feel good & safe"

8) Hiss: "Steer clear. I'm pissed & I'm not afraid to draw blood"

Most cats use the following gesture to communicate.

1) Tail straight up or with a curl at the end: Happy.

2) Tail twitching: Excited or anxious.

3) Tail vibrating: Very excited to see you.

4) Tail fur sticks straight up while the tail curls in shape of an N: Aggression.

5) Tail fur sticks straight up but the tail is held low: Aggression or frightened.

6) Tail held low & tucked under the rear: Frightened. 

7) Dilated pupils: Very playful or excited. It can also indicate aggression.

8) Slowly blinking eyes: Affection, the equivalent of blowing a kiss.

9) Ears pinned back: Fear, anxiety or aggression.

10) Tongue flicking: Worry.

11) Rubbing head, flank & tails against a person or animal: Greeting.

12) Head butting: Friendliness & affection.

13) Face sniffing: Confirming identity.

14) Wet nose kiss: Kissing.

15) Licking: Affection, your cats are comfy with you.

Last but not least, here's a few tips to steal your cats heart. Always be the one who
serve your cats food or treats. Play with your cats ear or nose. Believe me that 
you & your cats are closer than ever.

Till then, stay gold.