Come, let us have some tea.

Kusmi Tea would be one of my favourite tea. The company, which
produces Russian style tea & tea blends was established by Pavel
Michailovitch Kousmichoff (1840-1908)

How to have a lovely day.

First of all, I'm madly in love with my Cath Kidston mugs. I don't think 
I can start my day without a cup of good tea or coffee. A good tea or coffee
is good for your soul. I like to take a long nice shower & wear something that 
makes me feel good. When I don't feel like leaving the house, I would watch
a really good movie. I would What's app or tweet someone, hinting them that
they are on my mind. I smile a lot, I read poems or books & get really into it.
Candles are a must, I will never fail to light a nice smelling candle. Environment 
is very important to me, I need my space to be sorted out. I could sit for ten
minutes in silence & stare at my studio or bedroom. Its good for your mental
health. Never ever underestimate music, listen to a good song that fits for the
weather or mood. Music could change your day, music helps me. I would eat
 dessert first, grab my spoon & eat yummy red velvet ice cream. Have a chat 
with your pet, they are your best companion. I talk to my cats & dogs all the 
time. (loner alert) If I feel lonely, I hug my family or my favourite pillow.
Realise that whatever problem I have is only temporary. I would watch 
something that makes me laugh & try to forget whatever is bothering me.

Until then, stay gold!