Vinyl makes a comeback.

As some of you know, I am head over heels when it comes to vinyl.
Vinyl records almost disappeared after CDs were introduced, but 
they're making a comeback. I would travel from town to town 
searching for vinyls, it doesn't have to be vintage. Recently someone
asked me a question on Tumblr 'How many vinyl records do you own now?'
To be honest, not much as it is very hard to find vinyl with good songs 
or shall I say my cup of tea. To answer the question, I have 16 vinyl records.

'Name the vinyl records?'

1) Lana del rey- Born to die

2) Birdy- Skinny love

3) Birdy- Fire within

4) Hurts- Stay

5) kodaline- In a perfect world

6) Of monsters and men- My head is an animal

7) Florance + the marchine- Ceremonials

8) The xx- Coexist 

9) The Luminers

10) Daughter- If you leave

11) Foster the people- Torches

12) She & Him- Volume two

13) Chvrches- The bone of what you believe

14) Mumford & Sons- Babel

15) Vampire weekend- Contra

16) Paramore- deluxe 7

If you would like to recommend any vinyl store or vinyl records for
me to check out (click here) Not to forget that I will create another playlist
 to share with you as requested but till then, stay gold!