To go to hair products.

Oh hey there, I fell like I've been absolutely shit at keeping you
guys updated. Sharing is caring! Back then, I often bleach my hair.
If I am not mistaken, I've bleach more than 10 times. Imagine the
damage my hair was in a terrible condition. Dried, frizzy & nothing
could be done except copping it all off. (This is what happens when
you decide to dye your whole head blue, purple, green, red etc.)

I got exhausted & annoyed with my poor hair. I stop colouring my
hair; no more chemicals. After a year, my hair stylist Clairine who
has been taking care of my hair for about 10 years told me that she
wants to cut my hair short, shoulder length short. I said yes, do it! Right
after she copped it off, I felt so much better & happier. My hair got
so much better. I would do treatments 3 to 4 times in a month to make
sure that my hair is healthy. After months, I decided to give Number
76 Style Hair Salon in Bangsar a try for a hair trim & a treatment. Guess what?
Yoshi-san told me that my hair is the worst & most damaged hair he had 
ever seen. It didn't matter because he took care of my hair; he gave me a
make over. Ever since that, Yoshi is the only person who could cut my
hair. Ultrasonic treatment helped my hair a lot, my hair got softer, smoother
& healthier. Believe me that I am not exaggerating. All it takes are 4 steps.
Ever since that, I would visit number76style hair salon more often for
Ultrasonic treatments. I recently received few questions on ask.fm about
my hair & the products I am using. One of my favourite products is the Milbon 
Deesse's hair mask, weekly home care repairs peeled off top coat which smells
like grapefruit & rose. My second favourite product would be the Moroccan oil;
my hair savior. These products has changed my life.

Till then, stay gold!