New Years Resolutions.

The truth about New Years resolutions & keeping them.

Around new years everybody is always saying "this year is going
to the best, I'm going to make this year count, I'm finally going to
do something big this year & so on". But the truth is, unless you 
really commit to it & make an effort towards achieving your goal,
nothing is going to change. You will have to commit & go for it.
I've spent my life waiting for the 'perfect moment' to do something
but then I realised if I keep on waiting, I'm going to miss it & I did
missed out a lot back then. I'm not the type of person who would
list down or have any new year resolution but for 2014 here's a 
change from me for a better me. 2014, here we come!

1) Stay away from social network that often stresses me out such as
Facebook & lately Twitter. (Internet, I still love you very much)

2) Minimise the amount of phone usage, less texting more talking.

3) Try to make more friends & participate in events.

4) Go to the gym more often, get healthy & get fit.

5) Eat healthy. Explore good places & enjoy good taste.

6) Stop worrying so much about every little thing, go with the flow
& be carefree. (little adventure is one of the best adventure)

7) Be kind, be patient & be balance.

8) Travel more often. (meet up with Jack & Finn)

9) Focus on making more art. Work hard, experiment to progress &
learn new skills? such as Ukulele. 

Ps: I'm trying/planning  to make this blog more interesting for all of us.
Thank you for reading my blog, being part of my journey. Here's to 2014!