Changes, we have another workspace.

Recently, I've been busy setting up my very own personal workspace/studio.
Remember back in 2012 when someone decided to sponsored me a studio?
the studio is no longer available. Since I don't have a studio anymore, I wanted 
to rent a place where I could setup my very own equipments but then again the 
workspace/studio has to be convenience & nearby where I could easily travel.

Before the new year, I was going through few of my favourite Youtubers's
videos & they gave me an excellent idea. They have a set up studio/workspace 
at home where is it convenience & it wouldn't cost any extra wages. The situation
was perfect, I seldom have an indoor photoshoot & my living room upstairs is
free. Since nobody is using the space, I took the opportunity to clean up & setup
my camera equipments. I even got a mini fridge, who said you can't be with your
true love? My true love is always beside me on the right while I am busy editing 
photographs. Feast your eyes, the aftermath of my workspace/studio.

Till then, stay gold!