Tips on staying focused.

As the youth one, we tend to get distracted a lot & we often find ourselves
hard to focus on one thing for a long time. As usual we zone out or lose
interest in doing something but it's also crucial that you know how to stay
focused & productive. 

1. Get rid of the things that you know will distract you.
Put away your video games, pull your hair back so it doesn't get in your face,
close all irrelevant & unnecessary tabs if you are using a computer/laptop. Last
but not least turn off the television. It helps to get things done faster too.

2. Think of something to motivate you.
Find something to keep you going & to make you want to finish what needs
to be done. It could be anything like rewarding yourself with a nice treat such as
your favorite drink, food or a shopping spree. Don't you love that feeling of having
accomplished something?.

3. Work in a neat space.
As some of you know, I am madly in love with decor & interior. It is so
important for me to be organize/neat. Organize your workspace, arrange
all the scattered papers, put aside all the things you won't need & make space 
so you can move your things around. Even better, add some decors & love your
workspace. Especially art students, you'll be sitting on the same table for hours.

4. Block out everything else.
Let say that you are bored or tired of your workspace, go to someplace quit
like a coffee shop across the street. Listen to some relaxing music & put your 
cell phone on silent. Make an effort clearing your mind rather than complaining.

5. Make a list or get a planner.
List down everything you need to do so you won't forget anything & so you can
keep yourself & everything else in check. Mark off the things you've finished,
it will leave you feeling satisfied. 

(Picture from Tumblr)
I hope the tips above will help you & good luck.
Till then stay gold!.