Sweater weather.

Hello there, I decided to blog about sweater weather, I hope it is
not to late. (yeah right, too late) The trend started among the 
YouTubers but I don't have any channel & I rather blog about it.

Let's start with the questions:

1) Favourite candle scent? At the moment I am loving Lugnt from
IKEA, my sister got it for me & ever since that my room smells
so calm/relaxing. It reminds me of my days back in the UK.

2) Coffee, tea or hot chocolate? Definitely tea, I am drinking
London Fog non stop lately. I often get stressed easily & tea
would do the trick. It often creates good mood & good times.

3) Best fall memory you have?  I would have to say Brighton,
I remember one lovely weekend when Derek came to visit me. 
We had our walk, we breathe the wet air & we listened to 
the seagulls nearby the Pier. How could I ever forget, we were
so happy as if nothing could ever go wrong at the moment.

4) Which makeup trend do you prefer, dark lips or winged eyeliner?
I would have to go with dark lips, it makes big differences. Besides, 
I don't wear eyeliner due to super duper droopy eyelids. (sad, I know)

Red: Hazard | Purple: Depth.

5) Best fragrance for fall? OUD WOOD by Tomford, it has been
two years in a row. It's kinda my fall & winter perfume to go to. 

6) Favourite thanksgiving food? Non because I don't celebrate thanksgiving.

7) What is autumn weather like where you live? I am in Malaysia at 
the moment, which means forever summer. However, it is a rainy 
season for us Malaysian. This is wear we could pull of our sweaters.


8) Most worn sweater? It would be my maroon sweater from
Stylenanda. It is crazy how often I would wear it because it is
so comfortable simple for my lazy days.

9) Must have nail polish? Moving house & Hide and seek from Topshop.

10) Football games or jumping in leaf piles? I have no clue what is going
on when it comes to football games & I have never jump into a piles of leaf.
If I had to pick, I would say jumping in leaf piles.

11) Skinny jeans or leggings? Skinny jeans, I don't own any leggings. 

12) Combat boots or Uggs? You know me, Combat boots baby!

13) Is pumpkin spice worth a hype? They don't serve it in Malaysia's
Starbucks but I did tried it once back in England. I am not a big fan
of pumpkin spice anything. Although I know a few bloggers & YouTuber
who would go gaga over it.

14) Favourite fall TV show? American horror story, enough said.

15) What songs really gets you into the fall spirit? I would listen to
Kodaline's in a perfect world album, Silk by Gisele Rosselli, Someday
by Floatfall & Keaton Henson's first album/song covers.

Feel free to tag yourself & start blogging on sweater weather.
Make sure to tag your friends, till then stay gold!.