Rookie Yearbook Two.

Rookie Yearbook Two is out! First of all, I admire Tavi Gevinson.
Thanks to Mai Osuga for introducing the brilliant businesswoman who owns
an online magazine to me 3 years ago. Gevinson would analyze every single details. 
For an example: What does the song you are listening to reminds you of or make
you feel?  It could be a place, a movie, another song & it goes on. It is consider at a guide
to life for those teenagers, an article on a first date & so on. To be honest, I am no
longer a teenager, I am a young adult now but I would still sit & list those
little things out like a mind map but deeper. (arty too) Let's just say that everyone could 
relate with most of the articles in the book, we all have to go through life as a 
teenager at a point. We fan girl, we obsess got about someone or something &
blah blah blah. Therefore I couldn't help but to enjoy my copy of Rookie Yearbook 
Two. Besides that, there's stickers & cards. (who doesn't like pretty stickers) If you 
have a niece or someone who is in their teenager years/age, this would be the 
perfect Christmas gift as well. Till then stay gold!.