One day it's here & then it's gone.

I am trying to blog as often as I can this month. So many good things
are happening at the moment, I can't describe how grateful I am. First
of all, my mother got me the bag I wanted for quite sometimes but I 
didn't really bring it up since I know that it is impossible to own one
at this moment but she proved me wrong & got me Proenza Schouler 
bag for my birthday. Second of all, I found a copy of Kodaline vinyl, 
after all the vinyls hunting I finally found one. (lucky me) Third, 
I got a free hair cut & a Tansan treatment from number76style
 hair saloon in Bangsar. I love their service & I am very much in love with 
my hair now. Fourth, one of my favourite YouTuber Claire Marshall
favourited  two of my tweets on Twitter with a reply. (fan girl-ing level 110)
Fifth but not last, John Gray favourited one of my tweet asking Daphne
to lend me her copy of 'Why Mars & Venus collide'. (oh wow)

The moment I try to be more positive & loving towards the universe, good things
start happening. I tried to embrace all the time I have before I turn 20 years old
in 7 days, aging is painful & stressful. It doesn't bother me anymore 
about having nothing to celebrate, it doesn't bother me if I don't have a birthday cake
like any other year before because I am simply happy right now. I am celebrating 
my life, I want to enjoy the little things. All this is because of one video that I watched
recently called "The bucket list"by Jack Harries. Even though I didn't get to do the
extreme, I still get to go out & get involve with the world. Things are good,
it will get better & I know it. Last year, this would be the worst time of my life but
life doesn't have to be bad all the time. You don't have to always look back &
not go forward. I also would like to thank you for reading my blog, so far 2013 
has been a wonder journey. Till then stay gold!.

Sweater: Zara | Bag: Kate Spade