Now blow the candles out my dear & make your wish come true.

16 December 2013 was brilliant. I have finally turned 20 years old,
time passes by so fast that we couldn't even realise & enjoy the little
things. I decided to pamper my hair at the salon with my personal
hair stylist yesterday & had something to munch in the afternoon.
Not to forget that I stopped by Starbucks for Venti size Ice Shaken
Lemon Tea & then I was forced to drive to Bangsar for high tea at
 Nugmet & maybe dinner with my girls. I don't usually hang around
Bangsar after 4pm due to the traffic but I wanted to be adventures 
& easy going on my birthday. (being ridiculously funny/weird) I wanted
to have dinner early so badly as I am hungry but the girls refused to
eat nearby & insist we checkout Twenty One Table + Terrance bar/
restaurant. The moment my girls & myself reached the restaurant, I
was more than surprised to see all of my close friends. I did not expect
any big celebration as I did not live up to any expectation. This is 
because nobody ever celebrate my birthday & I was speechless.
I would like to thank everyone who wished me a 'Happy Birthday!'.
Especially my friends for celebrating with me, I am beyond touched.

Here's the best part, my birthday gifts!. Hmmm I can't really remember 
who got me what, I am sorry if I got it wrong. Josephine, Amy, Yulyx
& Tebby got me a candle from Diptyque. I wanted the scented candles
so badly but because Malaysia was selling it over the original price. I didn't
get any, the girls totally nailed the gift. Second is an old vintage radio look 
alike from Typo from Keat Ping, Yong Phang, Hann, ChinWo, Shili &
Maywen. My baby sister Ally got me a pink color radio as well. (this explained
why I have two radio) Josephine's mother got a me CK perfume which smells
amazing, my mother got me a bag & my most favourite of all would be 
'TYPEWRITER'. You have no idea how much I wanted the typewriter, 
this is more than brilliant. There's a few more gift I didn't mention but I will
blog about it from time to time. I am so grateful for everything.

Till then stay gold!.