Just another Sunday.

Let's just be up front, I am so happy that Tavi Gevinson liked one
of my Instagram photo. (totally made my day) Due to my excitement,
I decided to shop for Christmas presents on the same day & I did a serious 
damage. I got carried away buying gifts this year. Not to forget that I found
She & Him vinyl at One Utama (happy dance) It is so difficult to find good
vinyls in malaysia, therefore you'll have to understand my joy. Besides that,
 tomorrow is my birthday & my age is making me nervous. It shouldn't make me 
nervous but I feel old on the outside. I am turning 20 years old but it feels like I am 
turning 30 years old. Aging is terrifying, this kinda reminds me of American 
Horror Story when Fiona was thirst for youth. (haha, bad joke)

I will blog more exciting things, I promise.
Till then stay gold!.