'It' by Alexa Chung.

I waited for quite sometimes to get my hands on the 'It' book.

What is this 'It'? impossible that you don't even know!.

Global trendsetter Alexa Chung is a British 21st century 'It' girl.
Ms Chung did her utmost to prove herself more than a very pretty
face with the launch of her first book. Starting with her childhood
obsession with ponies in Hampshire & loosely following her journey
to teen model, presenter & beyond. Alexa herself is keen to stress is
not an autobiography but more on a collection of her inspirations,
illustrations, photographs & general musings on style, hair, beauty 
& boys. Almost a guide to be one of the cool kids. Although the book
receive an amount of negative reviews, I still find myself loving the
book here & there.

Besides that, The book 'It' is one of the perfect Christmas gift.
Till then stay gold!.