If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.

Pillow: Typo | Cardigan: Brandy Melville | Top: BKK

Privet which means 'hello' in Russian. I've been more active lately,
I've been checking out few sales going on around town & preparing
myself for the new year. Here's the problem with me, I can't decide
what to do or where to go until the last minute. I rather have a small
gathering party but at the same time I kinda want to attend big parties
that I got invited to (dilemmas) I'll probably ended with wine & barbecue
party gathering for countdown. I wish I am in LA or in the UK right now, 
I need to be somewhere else. I am just not cut out for Malaysia. (sigh)

Sunday night parking incident.
The weather wasn't on my side yesterday. The moment I decided to drive
out to grab cat food in the afternoon, it started to rain heavily. The rain doesn't 
stop till dusk, I had to drive to the nearest mall or my cats will be starving. I had
trouble looking for a parking spot, it seems that everyone is out doing last minute
shopping for the new year. After 20-30 minutes I've found a parking spot & then
an older lady in her mid 40 decided to stand in the middle of the spot trying to
reserve the parking spot for her son. (what is wrong with human nowadays?)
First of all, everyone is desperate to park their car & her son wasn't even there.
Without any words, I told myself to park my car because this is getting ridiculous.
I've signal, I've waited for previous car to leave the spot & she came standing in the 
middle of the spot out of nowhere without a vehicle. She didn't notice that I was
a young lady, she thought I was an old man at first. She then came to my window 
which was down/open widely trying to warn me about her standing there reserving the 
spot for her son after she acknowledge that I am a young lady but then my horrible face 
expression must have scared her off because she decided to back off. I didn't have to say
anything harsh as I have no intention to start a fight. Some how I am glad that
my face looks like a serial killer, she understood & she let it go. 
(I was just doing my serious face, seriously)

Do people actually practice this ridiculous reserve parking thingy? because this
is very wrong, I find this act very selfish.