I have lost all motivation, I only care about Christmas.

Hello there, I can now finally sit down & blog peacefully from my
bedroom. The fact that even my Instagram is half dead; things are
being left behind due to lack of time & effort to update. However,
my December schedule seems to be packed & it is a festive season.
My birthday is around the corner while Christmas in 24 more days
& not to forget about new year. 

What have I been up to lately? Castings, fittings, shootings, researches,
gaming & readings. To be honest, I haven't clean my room for about
 a week now. As some of you may know that I had a photoshoot with
F.Timber which is a handbag company carried by Parkson. Lookout for 
F.Timber huge posters photographed by me at Parkson across Malaysia.
On the other hand, I just had to buy 'The Collection' by John Green.
He is such a brilliant writer, I am madly in love with his books. At the
moment, I am reading 'Looking for Alaska'. Till then stay gold!.

Sweater: Zara | Boots: H&M