2013 taught me.

Throughout 2013 I've realised/acknowledged:

1) No matter how good you treat people there will always be people that
are blind, take advantage of it & regret it when it's gone.

2) You are going to be talked about, left out, used & even lied to but you have
to decide who's worth the pain & who isn't.

3) Even the people you care about the most can walk out of your life.

4) The law of attraction works wonderfully when you set out positive
energy & thoughts towards the universe.

5) Hard work will pay off.

6) Trust no one.

7) Life is too short, you have to get up & do something big before you realize that
you are too old.

8) If you want or need something to be done, you will have to do it yourself.

9) Photography industry is tough especially when you have no connections.

10) Cut out those people who doesn't benefit you or only brings you down.

11) Smile the moment you wake up from your bed, it will make a big different
throughout your day & others.

12) If you don't like something or if something is bothering you, you should
say something instead of keeping your mouth shut. Respect yourself!

13) Right where you think there's no good could overcome your sadness or disaster,
happiness would shower you with success & joy.

14) Be tough, there's too many bitches out there.