Rant on 'why listening to the radio sucks'.

I dislike listening to the radio, there's nothing more irritating than
listening to the radio. This due to the radio stations choice of songs.
I would avoid listening to the radio  & I would rather bluetooth my playlist. 
Radio stations hardly plays good music, all I can hear is pop & dumbsteps.
I wouldn't want to hear 'What did the fox say' or what so ever annoying
songs, I would like to drive in peace & enjoy my journey. The fact that
the radio announcers keeps on talking & they would bring up awful jokes
just made it even worst. I did enjoy listening to the radios back in the 90's but
I can't stand Malaysia's radio stations anymore. They would play annoying yet
useless commercial, what grinds my gear even more is when they use
broken English as if it is funny or attractive. I strongly disagree when 
the radio stations decided it would be a good reminder for drivers if they 
play some terrible accident commercials. Thank you for caring but all the
accident commercials with loud bang noises isn't helping at all. In fact,
it made most drivers panic especially the new & the elderly drivers.
Since I can't skip any songs or commercial from the radio stations,
I would just play my playlist. What's not like? I can listen to all favorite 
songs & I don't have to listen to useless yet annoying commercial.

List of why listening to the radio sucks.

 No good music.

 Non stop annoying commercial.

☻ The radio announcer would talk non stop.

☻ You can't skip the songs you dislike.