PERCY & REED review.

Basically Percy & Reed were hairdressers who spent decades working
with the best in business. They teamed up & opened a salon in London.
The took a huge step by creating their own range; from Abundantly Bouncy
Volumising Mousse to wondefully Wavy Texturing shampoo.
Not to forget that Percy & Reed had won many awards.

On the other hand, I was contemplating wether I should purchase their products.
There's no doubt that their product is a high end product. Everything is
kinda pricy but after reading reviews & recommendation from a few magazines, 
I decided to purchased & give it a shot; the reviews wasn't an exaggeration, 
I will have to agree on how brilliant is the products range. I find my hair 
looking more shiny, smooth, soft, volumising & most of all looking healthy.
Therefore spending RM 500++ wasn't a regret after all.

I am a sucker for beautiful packagings, Percy & Reed packaging are
very chic/edgy. What's not to like? beautiful illustration & an amazing
range of hair products. You can find Percy & Reed at the nearest
Sephora store nearby or check them out online!

It's so cool heat protect styling mist.
When the heat is on this innovative micro fine mist keeps things calm, 
cool and collected. This unique almost dry defence gives the cold shoulder
 to heat damaging styling tools and adds amazing gloss and conditioning with
 none of that icky sticky residue.

Abundantly bouncy volumising mousse.
This little beauty of a bottle will give your hair extreme, lasting volume, 
without the sticky stiff feel. Even when you build incredible height into your hair,
 it’ll stay light and natural thanks to its creamy moisturising texture. 
It’s the only time you’ll want to be XXL. 
☻ Smoothed, sealed & sensational volumising no oil (for fine hair)
This little lifesaver containing violet extract gives you lovely locks which are smooth, 
sleek and shiny while also adding volume. It’s a multi-tasker too, nourishing and 
repairing hair, with pro vitamin B5 helping out with strength and heat protection.

Splendidly silky moisturising shampoo.
The perfect pick-me-up for parched hair. Blueberry extract and sweet almond 
milk clean and moisturise, pro vitamin B5 adds strength, and you get gorgeous 
locks which are quite gloriously glossy. 

Bountifully bouncy volmising conditioner.
We’re talking volume, ladies! Blackcurrant extract helps big up even fine hair, 
while grape seed oil and aloe vera gel leave your locks in a beautiful condition. 
Pro vitamin B5 adds strength, to go with your new super-sized style.

Brilliantly beautiful super glossing mask.
Add amazing shine to your hair with our light, creamy glossing gel. 
Blackcurrant seed oil and sweet almond oil smooth and nourish the hair shaft for a
 stunning sheen, while pro vitamin B5 gives your hair strength. The result? Sensational!.

Till then stay gold.