National Anti Bullying Week.

This week is the National Anti Bullying week, I take a very strong
stand against bullying; whether it's physical, verbal or online. I am
very sure that everyone went through that terrible moment at least 
once in their life. I've been down that road, it was horrible back in
high school. I wasn't one of those cool & famous students, I was
invisible & an outcast. I remember my first day in a private high school,
I entered my classroom & everyone ignored me. I didn't know where
to sit or who to talked to. Until someone addressed me to sit somewhere
near the window. The moment I sat down, I remember two nasty girls
teasing me, asking me to leave & kept on going with 'ewww & ewww'.
At that moment, I sat & turned into a statue. I didn't smile, I didn't talk
nor look around but breath in silence; wanting to go back home.
It doesn't stop there, they would say nasty things about me & spread
rumours. One particular day, I fell down & dislocate my knee cap in school.
That was embarrassing, I torn my ligament & I couldn't return to school
for a month. I was relief that I didn't have to see those girls, they would
get the guys to be on their side & bother me. Even though I gave no
reaction. Everyone was asking around about the 'new girl' being away,
their created rumour after rumour. Some said that I died & some thank god after 
hearing the rumours. It didn't bother me even though I had
to deal with their nonsensical act. To be honest, I felt sad for them 
because they are pleasing themselves by making fun of others. 
That was pretty low & I understand how tough one must be to be
able to cope with those situations. I am very sure that others had it worst,
but this is not a competition. Everyone handle things differently & some
would take an easy way out. I acted like I was okay with the names I was called
as but when I got home I question what did I ever do to them for them to hate
me so much; was I a horrible person that the society couldn't accept me.
However, I found my strength to attend classes. I would live my life as if
they didn't exist, I was lucky that they wouldn't touch me. They got
bored of me giving no reaction & moved on. It doesn't stop there, 
I even got cyber bullied back in 2009. After two years being in a
private school, I finally became close to someone. It is funny because
he used to tease me back then. He was one of them & we became good 
friends. We were outcasts before high school ended, it didn't bother us much
because we had each other in school & when we go home, we will have
our family waiting for us. Today, we are one of those luckiest person on 
earth. We are hustling, we work very hard & we laugh everyday.

If you are reading this or if a friend is going through something,
don't be a stranger & tell someone (especially an adult). Don't just
wait until you look back one day & realise everything you could
have done. You know, this might come off rude but I see all 
these people reaching out to kids who are being bullied. When
I was in school, I didn't get a special treatment. I had to learn to grow
a backbone & deal with people not liking me. In the end it made me
a stronger person. What I am stating is that you are in control of your
situation, if you let it happen it will happen. Nobody asked to be
bullied, there's a solution even though it looks like a dead end. 

What can you do to prevent bullying?, 
Have you ever thought that you have the potential being a bully?.
Stop cyber bullying & be nice.

Till then stay gold!.