My life is a constant battle between my love for food & not wanting to get fatter.


Ever since my eating habits got messed up, I've been missing loads of
meals. Besides that, I have tons of excuses when it comes to cooking
or just drive out to take away good food. I get uber lazy especially when 
I decided to put on my pajamas in the afternoon. I often get hungry around 
3 to 4pm but I would rather wait for dinner instead of eating late lunch.
As usual, I need to watch my weight & I don't want to stress about gaining
weight. I am a big fan of Crystal Reed, I did more research/stalking on her daily
routines, what she eats & what she wears. Here's Crystal Reed favourite snack
recipe which is also my favourite snack at the moment. To be completely 
honest, I now eat once a day. Believe me that when I am hungry all I eat
is sushi or sweet apple. I used to eat a lot but ever since I got caught up with
photo shoots & editing, I often forget about food. (miracle) At the moment,
I've lost 16 kg & I am enjoying 'Sweet Apple Reed'.

To make a 'Sweet Apple Reed', all you need is:

1) An apple.

2) Peanut butter or Dark chocolate jam.

3) One table spoon of Toffee, Chocolate chip, peanuts,
honey or so on. (add on your personal toppings)

4) Add on Cinnamon for an extra spicy yet sweet taste.