I don't understand people who only sleep with one pillow. (another room tour)

I am astonished by the amount of 'ROOM TOUR' requests. I hesitated
to blog on this one, only because I already did a room tour. (twice)
Personally I am bored with my room, I want a write brick wall to go
back to black & white. I also wanted to redo some part of my room so 
badly but it is not worth it. This is because an amount of readers claimed
that my room is sweet; I wasn't going for sweet & all. I want my room to
be more urban/indie in an artsy way.(I don't know if I am making any sense)

Notice that I have a lovely fox cushion for my workspace chair?.
I got it at Typo; it lightens up my room. I waited about a month for
Typo Malaysia to bring it in. I almost give up on waiting for it but it
came & I bought it anyway. Besides that, I committed a crime & I felt 
good. I've started listening to Christmas songs by She & Him. (snot)
It is so warm in Malaysia but I've caught the cold; I am suffering with flu.
(snot snot) I am trying to relax and get better while chilling with my cats.

Till then stay gold!