A huge Lush haul from Cape town.

As you know, I am a huge fan of Lush since 2011. A big 'thanks'
to my lovely mother for getting my essential Lush products from
South Africa, Cape Town. I get very excited whenever someone buys
me Lush; this is because Malaysia doesn't carry Lush & I can't wait
to return to England. What made it more amazing is when Lush HQ 
tweeted me stating that I have the best mom ever!

List of my haul:

1) Skin's Shangri LA facial moisturiser.

- I can't deny that the smell of wheatgrass, seaweed & vanilla is
brilliant yet the perfect blend for dry skin.

2) Dark Angels.

- My ultimate favourite, somehow my skin feels so much cleaner
and fresh. (It is a must)

3) Rose jam shower gel.

- It does smell super sweet but once you washed it away, the lemon
essence will make you feel fresh and calm. You'll be surprise how
it doesn't smell that sweet after you rinse it off.

4) Snow fairy limited edition shower gel.

- The perfect scent for Christmas. The fact that it smells so
delicious, you can't resist to drink it. 

5) Sympathy for the skin.

- I usually like to soak myself in the hot tub for hours
& Sympathy for the skin body lotion would moisturise 
my skin before bed time.

6) Magic wand.

- A solide version of Lush best selling Snow Fairy shower
gel for those who prefer to bathe.

7) The comforter.

- Somehow the comforter bubble bath bar gives a calm and safe
sense, it is a must after going through a tough day.

8) Candy Mountain.

- Sweet sense of vanilla, sparkling snowflakes & creamy cornflour
make bath time a sweet treat for big kids as little kids. This is because
it creates a magical pink mist up to the peaks of foaming bubbles.

9) Imogen rose Gorilla perfume.

- Real rose oil, soft, exquisite, powdery amber.
 It's the scent of youthful innocence.

10) Tea tree water toner water.

-Ever since I started using Tea tree water, my skin never
had any terrible breakouts. It is brilliant for oily or spot prone
skins. It has antibacterial, antiseptic & antimicrobal properties.

11) Karma kream.

- There was once my skin started to get super dry & it literally
crack bleeding. I am not fond of having dry skin which causes
skin to age faster than your age. Karma kream is my life saver, it 
made my skin feels comfortable yet moisturised. Most important
of all, it smells brilliant & I am hooked!