We didn’t talk about anything heavy or light. We were just there together & that was enough.

Today would be 381 days since we lost Derek, they often say that I forgot.
To be honest, he wasn't forgotten. It is easier to live life when we pretend
to forget, we swallow our emotions because there is no point putting it out 
there. Even if we cry ourselves to sleep, questioning god why does all the bad
things happen when we did no wrong yet life doesn't stop for anyone. Sometimes
is it so hard to talk about the one we lost, I would try to change the topic as it shiver
down to my spine. I am so afraid to admit that I haven't pass blue hour but I pretend
that is it so easy to move on. I am very good that this, believe that things are good 
with me, even when they're not & they will be soon enough. On the other hand,
I think collecting vinyl is my new hobby. It is funny to think about it because I don't 
have a specific hobby, I like to do a lot of stuff especially something that got to do 
with art but I think this is it. Incidentally I re-watched a few good films such as; 
Gossip, The breakfast club, Passenger 57, Stuck in love & so on. I would 
recommend my readers to watch them, they never get old for me. 
Till then stay gold!.

#Nowplaying: Of monster & men album.