Oh Saturday with 'Beyond Two Souls' review.

Days passes us by so fast that I didn't notice I haven't update my blog
for a week now. Recently I've been feeling ill, I don't know how to
explain. However, I just finished playing 'Beyond Two Souls' which
is an interactive drama action-adventure video game for the PlayStation3
console, developed by Quantic Dream. I got really excited about the game
because Ellen Page is one of the star actor, you can't argue how perfect she is
for the role. Besides that, I am amaze & blown away by the graphics. I can't
even explain how amazing is the story play, one of the most amazing aspects
is the way it seamlessly edits together its narrative modules. David Cage had
my attention, he wanted to create something different for 'Beyond & Heavy
Rain'. Building on the same grounds but in a very, very different way. According
to David Cage, no one should be allowed to define what a game is or should be.
He would rather see games break from tradition & tell new stories with new modes
of play. Cage mention that most gamers didn't understand what he is trying to
do but I think he is creating art on a different higher level. He put so much thoughts
about growing, learning, accepting, mourning, death & about what's on the other
side. I truly appreciate his version of art & in conclusion 'Beyond Two Souls'
is freaking brilliant. Different is good. Till then stay gold!.

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