You have to know who you are & what you are. It's the only way to lead decent lives.

The more cardigan the better during rainy season. I wanted one of 
the cardigan from Cotton On but the price wasn't reasonable at all.
One of my girlfriend told me to wait for the sales & I did. After I 
waited for few weeks, my girlfriend told me that Cotton On is having
sales & the cardigan I wanted has gone down half price. I drove 
to the nearest Cotton On & bought it with a big smile. Besides that,
I get upset for no reason in September, I want to go out but then I don't 
really want to go anywhere. I went through old photographs back when
I was in England, I realised how much I miss London & Brighton.
I feel so sad after going through beautiful photographs. Therefore,
I decided to read more books. So far I am enjoying 'Never Let Me Go'
by Kazuo Ishiguro. Unfortunately the book had me hooked from the
beginning, I know the end will left me feeling sad & contemplating 
how none of us really have enough time to do all the things we want to
do in life. For now we try to live life as if we are dying tomorrow,
 I'll be posting new playlist soon but till then stay gold!.