Topshop make-up haul.

Let's face it, half of the girls I know own at least a Topshop nail
polish, lipstick or both. To be honest with my reader, I am a big
fan of their nail polish & I own at least 30 ++ different colours.
Lately I've been having conversations with my girlfriends about
Topshop's cosmetic, most of my friends dislike their lipstick. They 
claimed that the lips got really dry and  it causes their lips skin to peel.
It's not that I don't believe them, this is simply due to the review I
read online from few of my favorite blogger & therefore I decided 
to give it a try. It didn't go dry on my lips but I did have to re-apply
after meals or a cup of coffee. I would not recommend Topshop lipstick
to those who have dry lips. Besides that, I've been loving Topshop's
mascara, I wouldn't say that it is great but it is good enough to make
me feel alive. It's easy to apply; it doesn't give you the spider legs effect
& it is easily to removed. I wanted to post more reviews on the nail polish
but I've forgotten to take photograph of the items (big time failure).
However, I am not so keen of the Peel-Off Nails Topshop. Simply because
I have to do four coating & it peels of easily. I am not saying it is bad
but it's not ideal for me. Till then stay gold!.

P.S : This is not a sponsored blog post.