Little Deer handmade soap.

As some of you may know that I'm a hot tub & a shower person.
I could spend hours in the bathroom cleaning myself. If you ever
enter my bathroom you would be amaze at my soap counters or
trolley. The huge amount of soap bars & shower gels I own are
insane! Self hygiene is more than important, I have to bathe at
least 5 times a day to feel clean. Recently, my girlfriends & myself
when to Tropicana city mall to support my sister for her Asia Muse
Girl Search by Vivi & Mina magazine. We came across a booth selling
Little Deer handmade soap, I couldn't resist myself from wanting to
buy or giving it a try. Therefore I bought a few & I must say I did not
regret my investment. The soap is moisturizing & lovely. Not to
forget, the lovely sense of Lavender & Honey soap; it is a must.
Besides that, I feel grateful when they give me a discount.