If you choose to wear beautiful shoes, they’ll take you to beautiful places.

What's new? My new Monti cut out leather boots from Topshop.
To be honest, I got very lazy to wear boots ever since I got back 
from the UK. Besides that I don't feel comfortable driving with
boots or creepers. Ever since I had my eye on Cara Delevingne,
I noticed how she often wears ankle boots & totally fell in love 
with it. Immediately I search for my old ankle boots from Topshop
which I purchased back in 2011. I wore it to the 'We love asia'
music festival wear I get to see & dance with Pitbull live. The
more shoes, the better. Recently a friend of mine purchased an ankle 
boots for me but the design didn't suit me even though I really
liked it but I had to return it & exchange for something else. It is funny
how in Malaysia we can't get our cash back but we can exchange it.
I wasn't really sure about taking Monti cut out leather boots at first but 
then I didn't have any other choice. I gave it a try & I wasn't even into it.
I asked one of my girlfriends' opinion again & again. She said it doesn't
look funny, it is nice & I told the sale girls that I want to exchange the 
boots. After I got home, I gave it another try & wore it the whole evening
laying on my bed while watching YouTube videos. I've make a conclusion now,
I have now fall in love with Monti cut out leather boots. I believe shoes are
important & why do I say so? Because there was few incidents where my 
peers or myself walked in for an interview & the shoes gave a good 
impression toward the interviewer. The interviewer was more into the 
shoes, they even compliment us & of course the interview went well.
Grab your beautiful shoes & they'll take you to beautiful places.

At the moment I'm listening to: All I want & high hope by Kodaline|
Fall by Cider Sky | Someday by Float fall | Sun drenched world by
Joshua Radin| Video game by Lana Del Rey. Till then stay gold!