I only like spending money that’s not mine.

I just had a glass of ice coffee, trying to sit back & enjoy Saturday.
As usual I started the day by watching YouTube videos, preparing 
props for photo shoot while listening to Pillow talk by Wild child.
To be honest I am nervous, it feels like an anxiety attack. This happens
all the time before shooting. Besides that, here's my favourite outfit of
the month. Notice the vintage yet lovely cat hanger? I got it online
from the UK. I am currently waiting for more vinyl to arrive from the
US. On the other hand, I can't wait to see my girlfriends in the evening 
after I finish shooting. Fingers cross till then stay gold.

Jacket: Topshop | Dress: Topshop | Boots: Topshop | Bag: UO
Accessories: Vintage | Perfume: Tomford Oud wood.