For this fall.

Have you ever wonder how your life would be like if you were
someone else. I must have sound crazy but let's admit that we're
all crazy, everyone got an issue whether they want to admit it or
not. The problem with some of us is that we are forced to sit there
& watch our live past us by. We want to participate life in every 
way we can but people out there doesn't understand what we are
facing. They tied me up, tied up on the floor while watching the people
I love break into pieces, I watch them hurt & I watch them getting lost
while wandering in the dark. I couldn't watch them anymore, I pretend
that I didn't see their sadness. I would believe that my life is as exciting
as all the books I read. I won't mind to live in my favorite books, some
books are just as bad as reality but it has settling ending. At the end 
of the day, we learn to accept even if we don't have the power to choose
where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there.
We can still do things & we can try to feel okay about them. Just like 
what Stephen Chbosky wrote. For now I am reading Norwegian wood
by Haruki Murakami, I have watched the movie a couple of times but
I just thought that the book will be so much better.

I am in a bad shape at the moment but that is not an excuse. I promise
few of my readers that I'll post up my new playlist, I took the liberty to
add in a couple of Derek's & my favourite songs. Incidentally I bought
 a woven 2 in 1 smock dress from Topshop & few night socks. I am very
jealous because it is getting chilly in the UK & the US while Malaysia is
warm yet polluted but till then, stay gold!.