Fickle tattoos, love is temporary.

To be frankly honest, I have worked up myself lately. There's too
much pressure on few projects which cause me insomnia & anxiety
attack. However, I am trying my best to update my blogs & Instagram.
I came across an awesome website called 'Fickle' few weeks ago. After
going through their website, I fell in love with their product; which are
temporary tattoos. I can't express how fast they reply my email or tweets 
& how friendly they are. At first I got worried that I won't be receiving
my package because I can't track it but then David from customer care
emailed me that my I should expect to receive it by yesterday or today.
Let's be real, the illustration & quality is brilliant. They handpick emerging
artists from across Europe & the award winning designers behind the
world's most innovative fashion, festival & entertainment brands. 
Besides that, every tattoo sold in a pack of two, distributed worldwide
& most important of all non-toxic which is safe. 

Till then stay gold!.