You never realize how boring your life is until someone asks what you like to do for fun.

Hello mon readers, I was supposed to post something more exciting
but unfortunately the item for the post requested by you readers aren't 
here yet. Therefore I'll post something more colourful from the UK. I've
 always been a big fan of American Apparel & I wanted the Denim bag
 pack since two years ago. I wonder why I didn't get it back then but I'm
more than satisfied now. Besides that, I've got my favorite macaroon to 
munch while I'm blogging. August feels like Sunday at the moment & we
 hate it cause it's near to Monday. Basically Summer will come to an end.
Since I don't go to school anymore, I won't be doing back to school haul.

Tops, bag pack & nail polish: American Apparel | Headphone: Typo
iPhone cover: Urban Outfitters | Macaroon: Laduree Paris.

Till then, stay gold.