TGIF: Thank god I'm fabulous.

Thank god it's finally Friday!. On the 14th of August 2013, I 
decided to visit Typo at Setia City Mall because I'm too lazy to
drive all the way to Pavilion. While I was doing my so called
'window shopping' I finally found holographic/sliver clutch that
I've been talking about on Twitter. What makes it more exciting
for me is that I got it half price from Zara & there was only one
left. I'm just lucky, I guess. Besides that, everyone is putting
pressure on me because I didn't attend an interview, a spot for
a magazine writer. To be honest, I really want the job but timing
right now is an obstacle. I don't think that my dad would be please
to hear about me having a job at the moment. My responsibilities
are quite heavy at home but till then, we shall stay gold.