Babel, a scene of noisy confusion.

It is true that I'm everywhere hunting for fine vinyl for my turntable.
Being adventurous & getting lost in KL is not fun at all. Besides that,
 I think that I'm obsessed with Typo concept & products. I can't say no
to nice things, this explains my blog. I got myself a world globe, Tumble
which only cost me RM15, notebooks & so on. Thumbs up to wearing
ankle socks, the trend is back for now. To be honest, I'm suppose to be
at an interview but I couldn't decide whether if I want to pick up another
career at the moment while juggling a few things in the air. I'm pretty
much confused right now but I'm very sure that things will turn out better
than I expect it will be. Oh well, life doesn't come with an instruction. 

Till then stay gold!.