Why are you always waiting?.

I've been so busy with my daily routine that I didn't
have time to blog & I don't really have anything to share
at the moment. Thanks to Skins food for the amazing free
gift, life gets better when you start to appreciate yourself.
Ever since I listed 50 facts about me, I remember how I always 
wanted to live my life & enjoy everything more than what it is. 
I often forgot that can't will turn into can if you actually believe 
& work hard to make it come true. If you needed the sign to
start of something & live your life, this is it. I think people often
misunderstand the impossible. There's a thin line between reality
& fantasy, not everything is meant for you to achieve. Example:
'You can't sing or shall I say you don't have the talent in singing
but you want to be a famous singer.' Isn't this ridiculous? Talent
is something you can't buy & it can't be taught unless in another
scenario: you can't swim or shall I say you don't know how to swim 
but you want to be an Olympic swimmer. Well swimming can be 
taught, you'll just have to practice & fight your way to the Olympic. 
Nothing is ever easy, if you want to achieve it there's always a way 
but don't you dare to complain & whine when you didn't try hard 
enough. There are others out there trying harder than you, so what 
makes you think you deserve that spot. In conclusion, life doesn't
work the way you want it to, start doing what's right to earn that 
life you dream of because tomorrow is just another big questions
whether your hard work turn into a big success, you fail or your 
last breath. Till then, stay golden.

Cardigan: Topshop | Bag: Zara | Clutch: American Apparel